Insufficiency (Poem Sesh)


When there is really no love, whatever you do will not be enough. And you do your best, but it all goes to waste because it is not the kind of ‘best’ that they want.

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On Following ‘Pop Poetry’

I have once read an article about Thom Young, a poet, who coined the term ‘pop poetry’ to refer to the poems, usually short ones, on social media. Some people and sites call it ‘social media poetry’, ‘node poetry’, etc.

Social Media as the Biggest Platform.

Instagram is the most common platform there is currently.  A lot of aspiring, amateur and even the ones who have been in such field for the longest time, are spread throughout Instagram, from different parts of the world yet with a common goal of reaching readers through literature.

The poems are usually typewritten on different backgrounds. Some poets use blank colors and pastel colors. Some use images of anything, as the background. Then there are the font styles, sizes, highlights and shadows. Pop poetry tends to let you exhibit your creativity in presenting your poems. From going for a minimalist to a grungy or maximalist theme, there are no limits in designs. Though users usually stick to just one type motif to apply on all their uploads, I guess to establish their brand.


Source: Google Images

From different cultures, you will see a variety of concepts, styles and themes among the so-called ‘pop poets’. Ranging from falling in love to losing love, it is so evident that a lot of people have been sharing their feelings in the form of a poem.



A poem by Nayyira Waheed

Losing the Artistic Value?

I don’t think so. Some ‘legit’ poets have come to disagree and feel offended over the vast following that these amateur poets on social media have been earning, for getting the attention and appreciation from their works and poems whom senior poets see no artistic value. Gone are the days when people solely dive in to the works of traditional way of writing, the poetic constraints and rules and all the tedious standards that used to be wrong to not adhere to.

These social media poems, on the other hand, do not religiously conform to rules, and they have risen to fame because of its realness in its emotions. (We might say some of them are no-match to the works of Dickinson, Frost, Hemingway, or even Shakespeare. Of course, if not because of these poetry giants, there would not be these poems, as poets usually still get inspired by them.) Modernism has a huge effect to poetry and has played a major role in shaping it to fit in the world where social media widely exists.

And if critical thinking is being left behind by people who go crazy over the pop poets, then that will be bad. I guess we can rather say that many audiences now are fond of reading ones that do not require a 3-paged, 2-hour analyses. Most of them like ones that are easy to connect and relate to.

Poetry in this Modern Time.

I used to think that poetry was probably one of the hardest forms of literature. Then I realized, every person has a story to tell. Some of which just do not have the ways to express it. Writing poems is an activity where no people shall say you are wrong. We become the authors, the thinkers of the thoughts, the feelers of the feelings, and the stylists of the styles. This modern era where social media is as easy to access as it is to get food from the fridge, it is a great feeling that a lot have gotten so drawn to literature. Not like before, that only the greatest could write and express and share works to the world.

Instagram, along with the other platforms, like WordPress and Facebook, serve as the virtual journal and dashboard to amateur and aspiring poets, from different parts of the world.

I, myself, is a fan of pop poetry. My Facebook and Instagram follow a long list of amateur poets whose poems had been so beautiful that I had to create my own poetry account too. I have recently created my Instagram page named: @thecrumplednotes  solely for my poems (and some calligraphy works, too.)

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A Heart Full of You (Poem Sesh)


I safely enclosed the memories in my heart. Wounds open, blood dripping, but the thoughts of you would not fall or spill out. After all, you were once the content of the heart you had destroyed.

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Poem Sesh (@thecrumplednotes)

I am back to collecting some thoughts and putting them in a poem again. It has been a while since I last wrote a poem. This one sounds alike to my previous works.

I have recently decided (think it has been only been two days) to create a separate Instagram account for my catharses: poems and calligraphy works. My original IG account will remain my personal one.

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We all had our regrets. We all had things we would have wanted to do or say yet did not decide to push through with them. We surely have had desires yet we also knew its consequences.


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Samgyupsal lovin’ at Mokju Korean Restaurant

We have long been planning to try this very amazing, mouth-watering, Korean food trend called Samgyupsal in one of Quezon City’s major food places, Maginhawa Street. Since me and my Hallyu friends Abby and Scho have always talked about Kdrama and EXO, and about how fabulous it was to at least once in your life feel like South Koreans, we had promised we would eat at a Korean resto.

The place is located in the same building where the famed The Lost Bread sits in. When we got there, the tiny place was already filled with diners and others had lined up outside. One thing we realized, we should have gone inside to place a reservation the moment we had arrived. We just fell in line thinking there was order in the queue. But no, some diners who came in late even got to get their tables before us haha.

Anyhow, we got our place and man we felt like there was no AC. It was really terribly hot inside, like literally, we could hear their food getting cooked and grilled. Nevertheless, the food didn’t disappoint, as well as its ability to make us feel somehow. we were somewhere in Korea haha.

At a price of 400php, we were able to avail their Samgyupsal (strips of pork) and unlimited side dishes and red iced tea. I loved their Chapjae and their red iced tea! The meat was also delicious! We wanted to lavish as much food as we could so we decided not to drink water just yet. There were soups, pork dishes, fresh veggies, and fruits available that they would refill from time to time.

Mokja Korean Restaurant is a must-try, especially if you live near QC, and it probably has the cheapest Samgyupsal in the city. The place wasn’t just well-ventilated, and the staff should also think about new customers as some wouldn’t know about their reservation process.


Let’s Fall in Love



It is usually during your late night bus rides that your mind normally thinks of a bunch of crazy things, though crazy, but some make sense. It was a Friday evening when I was sitting near the bus window, and when you’re in such situation, you get to see almost everything that the bus passes through.

It was again about love. Love in a its sense of being a risking game to some of us, perhaps all of us. The photo above was just a made-up conversation. As I was looking at the people through the bus’ window, I wondered how many of them have risked and won, those who risked and nothing followed and those who were afraid of risking anything at all.

Just a wild imagination, I guess. Good night!






I am not okay, but that’s okay.


I feel like the coming weeks and months are going to be difficult for me.Since I am leaving Telstra on the 28th, I have decided to give myself another round of chasing dreams. Maybe this time, I will hit it! I have been going to several job endeavors, done a lot of interviews in the past and failed in numerous occasions. I am just so anxious about risking again, doing something I am unsure about. In a nutshell, I fear I will just end up being in an industry that is far from my preferred career, again.


Anyway, the point of this blog, besides letting them know how I failed several times in all aspects of my life, this is also to let them know how it is just fine to fail and be sad about it. Moments when I ended up not getting accepted by a company, or being not chosen for a promotion, or when people rejected me, or friends that turned away from me, and a lot of other times that made me the most un-okay man in the universe.

I totally agree when Jessie J said “it’s okay not to be okay” in one of her beautiful songs. I mean, seriously, being hurt, depressed, down or crumbled is not really something new to everyone anymore. We have come to realize how things can become really hard to take in and there are times when we just have to lie down and look at the ceiling and probably weep all your sorrows out.

Of course, we have had happy and victorious moments. But nobody gets to have sunny days all the time! The mere existence of umbrellas should only tell us that rains and storms happen. The reason why there are adhesives or glues is to let us know that things can be broken at times. You get depressed, and your soul weakens but that is just common. Being not fine is just as normal as being fine.